Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Microsoft Office Picture Manager and SharePoint 2010

The Microsoft Office Picture Manager is an image editing and management application that comes with Microsoft Office. It integrates with SharePoint Picture Libraries, allowing you to upload images, edit images, and send images into other Office Applications.

The application uses the sharepoint imaging.asmx web service in SharePoint 2010 to access files. When using the "Send To" command in a Picture Library it will use CheckSubwebAndList, GetItemsByIds, and Download operations to retrieve the image.

The Picture Library uses the IMGLIB.js javascript file. Clicking "Send To" fires off the SendImages() function, which then fires off _SendImages() follwed by SendImagesCore() and finally StartOIS(). Together these functions find the images and library, verify that IE is being used, then kick off the ois.exe application using the OISCTRL.OISClientLauncher Active X Control with the sendto parameter.

Because of the use of the imaging.asmx web service, a Picture Library is required for SharePoint integration with the Microsoft Office Picture Manager.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Search Custom User Properties

In SharePoint 2007 if you created a custom User Property and set it to be indexed, it would automatically be used in People searches. This is not the case in SharePoint 2010.

To use a new custom User Property in search in SharePoint 2010 you must at a minimum add it to the "ContentsHidden" Metadata Property.

First run a crawl to put the new property into the index.
In Search go to Metadata Properties
Find and Edit the ContentsHidden property.
Click on Add Mapping.
Filter for the "People" category and find your new property
Click OK.
You may need to run another crawl, but you can now find people using this new property